The sun’ll come out… oh look, it’s out

Sometimes, for one reason or another or both, a day comes along that is kind of like its own sigh of relief. Not that I’ve been overburdened with anxiety, but I feel it necessary to acknowledge and give it up for the small releases this day is providing:

It’s Friday (duh)

I get paid today for the first time in a month (new job = paid once a month! What is that?) (Update: paycheck just now dropped on my desk, hallelu)

This is my last workday without benefits.

Last night’s snowstorm turned into a brilliantly sunny and cloudless (though still cold) day

Last night’s snowstorm turned into a brilliantly sunny and cloudless (though still cold) day, enabling my mom, who flew from L.A. on Wednesday, to finally drive up with my aunt from Philly to visit later today. If they don’t get lost on the subway coming to my office.

A financial transaction which has caused stress and anxiety for months is closing right now.

The corrupted database on my Palm Pilot was repaired and is no longer wreaking havoc on my work calendar.

Oh wait, nothing’s been fixed, that’s still a giant mess. But I’ve decided not to obsess over it anymore. For the next few hours.

I’m wearing jeans at work.

You are all wonderful. (I blanked on how to end this. But it’s Friday, gimme a break. Plus it’s true. Awwww.)

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  1. We are all wonderful except for not those who do not like the music of Bryan Adams who are not wonderful because he is genius and they know the REAL Bryan Adams would do all for one AND all for love except that when him and Sting because Sting is a burgermunchingfattybags.

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