Well. Hello.

Wow, huh. August? Is that what that says down there on that previous post? Fascinating. Boy, time, etc.

Yeah so, when we entered the new decade, I had ambitions to make this space SING–for example to post my list of 20 top albums of the 2000s that I submitted for Billboard’s Critics’ List, because the individual lists weren’t published and only one of mine was agreed-upon enough to make the aggregate. But now it’s almost February, and no one cares about all that listin’ anymore (or if they do they’re too busy arguing over the Pazz & Jop poll).

Then I thought “hey maybe I’ll make a Tumblr! Everyone’s doing that.” But I dropped that idea, even though I’m sure it would have made things totally different and more creative and topical and led to an instant book deal.

Then I actually visited this site and discovered that my old theme template on my seventeen-versions-ago version of WordPress was totally corrupted, and you couldn’t read anything. Ha, how long was it like that? We’ll never know! So now we’ve done a full upgrade, changed the template, made things less green (though don’t worry, Kermit tones still reign at OOVY.net until I find a few weeks of free time), and will consider adding something of value soon, which is not this.

In the mean time, as always, visit Billboard.com for your music needs, Awesomed By Comics for my weekly podcast and occasional blogging, and feel free to follow me on Twitter at @EvieN. Most common reply to my tweets: “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but it sounds like it might be funny if I did.”

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