When I was a kid, they were called Samoas for the FIRST time

You know you’ve crossed over some invisible border between youth and something else when your whole weekend is fucking MADE by the delivery of a set of recliners. Aaron and I started having recliner lust about two years ago, and finally broke down and put them on the Christmas list as the things we wanted more than anything on Earth. They weren’t in stock when we ordered them three weeks ago, but they finally arrived yesterday morning, and we have spent all weekend either reclining or saying things like “hey, you wanna go recline?” Anyway, as a result we had to move some stuff around and will be donating a loveseat to the Salvation Army (the only org that will come pick stuff up) on Tuesday–if you or someone you know would like a very nice comfortable blue loveseat, let us know before Tuesday and we’ll give it to you instead.

At the request of no one but my mother (click to enlarge):
recliners2_sm.JPG recliners3_sm.JPG stanrecliner1_sm.JPG

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  1. Yo Mama

     /  February 22, 2009

    The all-important question: Which one is yours and which one is Aaron’s? :)

  2. Mine’s on the left, we seem to have just gravitated to the equivalent of our bed sides.

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