Oh, that doesn’t look so bad

For the past year or so, we’ve noticed the slow destruction of a corner of our kitchen ceiling and wall from some kind of leak–we’d been sort of sticking our fingers in our ears and going “la la la” about it, because who wants to deal, you know? But finally last week I saw an actual stream of water coming through, so avoidance was no longer an option. Long story short: we’re on the first floor of a three-story building, and the middle section of drain pipe (in the second floor apartment’s wall) had never been replaced in the 100+ years of this house’s existence. Meaning that every time the third floor uses their kitchen sink, this is what the water had been going through:


Oh also? It was so rotted that he pulled those pieces out (as well as the water-soaked wall in front of them) with his BARE HANDS. The 86 year-old woman who lives in that apartment is flippin. I am never owning property again.

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  1. Jon h

     /  August 15, 2008

    Oh, I would love to buy my son a toy in the neighboring toyland instead of grilling barbeques

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