Analysis: you are a fat, slouchy dog

Aaron’s schedule is shifted several hours late this week and next, so he has time to do things in the morning that I don’t have time for, like eat breakfast and exercise. These things are hard to do when you wake up at 8:55. Anyway, he sent me the following email yesterday after I got to work with the subject “WiiFit says…”:

Have you seen Evie? It’s been ten days since I’ve seen her. (press A)

How is Evie’s posture lately? (I say “looks the same”) That’s too bad, I think change is exciting, don’t you? (press A)

Maybe you’re not paying enough attention to Evie? (press A)

On a side note, did you know that eye contact is important in establishing owner-dog relationships? (press A)

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  1. Jon

     /  June 27, 2008

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