It’s “cute, yellow, and chubby,” not “fat, unfunny, and appealing to the lowest common denominator.”

You know how sometimes you’re just rolling along, accepting the various mythologies of the society you live in, and then suddenly something iconic eats itself alive?

I didn’t need to know that CelebriDucks existed. But now that I do, because of a press release announcing this, I just can’t stop looking at them and wondering what went wrong. This one and this one are overtly racist. This one is not only preposterous, but is totally overdoing it with the crucifix. This one would be much better if it were just plain Tim Curry–that I might buy. And the text description under this one just assaulted my blood stream like so much salmonella-infested tomato.

Ernie, I am so, so sorry. This is not the legacy you deserve.

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  1. young girls just wanna have fun. it’s the oreo prodigy, you have to dunk it, lick it, EAT it! there’s a need for a little grokly explanation for every jascheltrovelgrolggey objects

    There is always something awaiting for you

  2. Granma

     /  June 12, 2008

    or rewrite it on the little tiny hologram my dear

    the visit is a must, you have to see it for yourself !

  3. These comments read like spam. Anyways, celebriducks, really? Who buys this shit?

  4. Yeah, they are spam–except not randomly generated, but from one crazy dude in the Philippines. Long story. I’ve just been too lazy to delete them. Anyway, yeah, I don’t know who buys that shit, it’s disturbing.

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