Yo, ho, ho, ho

When I was little and would go to Disneyland, my favorite part of Pirates of the Caribbean was the part where the animatronic men chase the animatronic women around in circles at the whorehouse, and then in the last room there was a big woman chasing around a man. I laughed and laughed. Why I laughed, only scholars of subconscious early gender socialization could tell you.

Anyway, the point is, I’m actually getting the fuck out of the country for the first time in five years (I don’t think Niagara Falls counts) and will be in St. Lucia for the next week and a half. A stereotypical Caribbean honeymoon hardly fits the 15-person Iron Man wedding reception, I know, but we thought maybe the first plan of Gary, Indiana would be taking that whole motif a little too far. (I’m kidding–the first plan was not a)reachable with frequent flier miles, nor b)the location of a very generous family friend’s vacation home.)

So now instead of going seven or eight days between posts, I’ll be going more like 10 or 11. But I’m pretty sure you’re ok with that.

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  1. Eleo

     /  May 19, 2008

    just like the sound of Grandma sayin ! ! ! i remember.

    - – -don’t forget your bloomberg.com theraphy kids.

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