Crappin crap! I really want to write something worth anything for you people, but my scarce time at home is spent unpacking or lying around like a geriatric cat with about as much intellectual horsepower. And taking on the task of uploading pictures? Feh, I should be so lucky.

At any rate, the job is going well so far. Well, except for the part where my boss called me in to her office today and said, um, actually, she resigned last week but just didn’t want to tell me on my first day. Heh heh. But I’m diggin on the other people I work with, and for the first time in years, I am actually working with a critical mass of people around my own age. People who don’t think I’m all cute and dewy because I don’t have kids in college. One downside, however, is that they actually monitor internet usage somewhat, so for those of you whose sites I typically spam with comments, don’t get offended that I haven’t visited lately. I still love you, I’m just going to have to work out a schedule. I think they’re installing MS Project on my computer soon, so I should be able to flesh that out.

Nighty night.

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  1. Fine. That’s fine. If we’re not worth losing your new job that you moved four hours away for then THAT’S JUST FINE.

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