Breaking News: I am no longer totally full of shit sort of

You know how for like years I’ve been all “blahdeeblah someday I’m gonna start a blog about an actual topic and hurdeehurdeehur and stuff”? Well, smack my ankle and color me fuschia, I went and done did it.

I am slightly sorry to taint my theoretical reputation as a person who would not read comic books regularly and without much irony. If it helps, I’m not living in some stubborn holdover from an escapist adolescence–I didn’t even pick up my first one until I was 28. Actually maybe that doesn’t help. Anyway, now I’m out and proud, so let the first stone be cast, Hugh Jackman fans. Now we’ll just see how long it takes me to get past four posts.

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  1. Granma

     /  March 8, 2008

    Don’t forget your theraphy kids, prepared by good pretty folks just for you !

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