White Whine in a Box

My friend Lamar is today’s featured kvetch on this site, which has a subtle brilliance that could only flourish in the smugly self-depricating Tumblr era of short attention spans.

And speaking of being white and whining, my top two talents, please allow me to be far less congenial and folksy than Dolly Parton in expressing my deep dismay at the cancellation of her upcoming tour, for which I had been blessed with a free ticket and in preparation for which I have been listening to “Islands in the Stream” nonstop. She’ll reschedule her New York date, but with my rotten luck it will be for the week in May that I’m in St. Lucia.

Dude, did I nail that or what?

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  1. The Story Of The Black Scroll

     /  February 14, 2008

    In the side of a heartland lies a dark abyss, floats in the shallow an opaque , waves shawerring in luminescence of a precious gem.

  2. aaron

     /  February 14, 2008

    talk about a white whine! these damn yuppies and their damn abysses.

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