Not to mention Tom Petty

I don’t mean to be all “WOOOOOO!” or anything, but with the Super Bowl in half an hour, I have to say I’m a little jazzed by the idea of a legendarily undefeated Patriots, even if Tom Brady is a babymama-abandoning (beautiful and ultra-talented) douche. We bought fancy tortilla chips and everything. Going to Target and the grocery store did require some special bravery, what with the Giants being the other team and everyone in North Jersey being in our snack aisle, but we got out alive. The best was at the A&P, where all of the football-shaped mylar balloons interestingly said “Patriots,” except for one that said PISTACHIOS, tied to a display of pistachios. Someone at the A&P ordered a brown mylar football balloon for the pistachios. PistachiooooS!

Also, I accidentally kind of turned my hair pink yesterday but I’m working that out. And I really can’t wait to do my taxes. Seriously.


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  1. I can’t believe it either! I’m still in shock! WTF just happened? As an aside, would love to see a pic of the pink. :)

  2. I want a Pistachios balloon! That would have been awesome to go to a Superb Owl party and cheer for the pistachios.

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