A lecture

First I’d just like to note that today is my dream/nightmare playoff game, Chargers vs. Patriots. No matter the outcome, I will be both thrilled and pissed. So here’s to hoping it’s just a great game with lots of silly stunts and commentating I can make fun of for a week (example: “What does San Diego need to do to beat New England today, John?” “There’s no doubt about it, they need to play their offense, get their defense in there, and score touch downs. And stop the run. And don’t let Brady get the ball to the receivers. And win the game.”).

So anyway, I’ve had kind of a rough and scary week in the lumbar health department, including six hours in a crazed ER–the upshot is that I’m going to have to live with the pain for a lot longer than I thought, but it will supposedly get better within a year. Which on the one hand, is blowing. On the other hand, it means that I’m determined to have a full-on attitude adjustment about the whole thing. No more tantrums that it’s disrupting my daily existence, no more despair that it will never go away, no more crying when I get a bill I can’t pay right then.

People live with actual debilitating diseases and no one to take care of them, bitch–you have an unpleasant physical problem and someone who is willing to do all the laundry if it means you’ll get better faster. So shut your hole and take your drugs and do your work and put your coinsurance on your credit card and write it off your taxes. Also, shut your hole. Complaining helps you cope, but it makes everyone else hope you approach the demise you claim to be suffering. And then it puts you in an ultimately worse mood. If you need something else to grab on to, remember that it’s affecting your appetite and you’ve lost 10 pounds in the last six weeks. Rejoice!

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  1. Yo Mama

     /  January 21, 2008

    Stoic? You’re going to be (gasp! choke!) S-T-O-I-C?! Why Bless Your Little Heart! I’m very proud.

  2. Oh please, I’m sure I will slip up plenty, but my heart’s in the right place.

  3. yeah, that lasted about an hour and a half.

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