Tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, well ok.

If there was any doubt that my liver needed a little makeover, that has been dismissed after a week of eating nothing but natural foods and no dairy or wheat (I know, what?). I had the headaches, exhaustion, all that crap–my only saving grace was that the book I used as a guide said I didn’t have to cut out caffeine altogether, so I replaced coffee with green tea to get all that good stuff but not kill myself dead with caffeine withdrawal. Because I’ve been drinking coffee since I convinced my mom to put it in my sippy cup. I’m feeling a lot better today, and I can tell in my gut that it’s a really good move, but ouch.

It has nothing to do with alcohol, either– I’m averaging about two-thirds of a beer per month these days, so I doubt that’s making any real processing impact. It’s just that most of the food we all eat is full of wrong-ass shit. Because wrong-ass shit is delicious. This week I get to gradually add in things like yogurt and spaghetti, and there’s nothing that sounds so delicious as things like yogurt and spaghetti. Not together though. Or hell, together, sure. Just bring ‘em on.

Anyway, I know this food journaling-type nonsense is terribly dull, but I’ve been working my ass off this week, plus I have the bagel-and-cream-cheeseless shakes. OMGbagelandcreamcheeseomg. Excuse me I need to go cry.

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  1. snowy

     /  October 30, 2007

    wha? no dairy? no wheat?
    *cry* i can not even fathom that right now.

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