Baby Got Back

Ima supersleepymajig from getting up at o-crack-hundred for an MRI, but here’s a brief of pressing matters to get that cartoon fetus off the top of the page:

- Saw Morrissey last night on press tix, they told me I could go again, I will probably go again, because it ruled.

- I grew up in the North County of San Diego, which means several of my family members and my friends and friends’ parents have evacuated their homes and all the little shits at my old high school probably think this is an adventure.

- We’re doing this detox diet this week to clear out some crap in the form of pumpkin pie blizzards and panko batter, and it’s going alright except that Aaron has developed a seeringly obsessive craving for a fried fish sandwich, and just cries out “fishamajig!” at random intervals.

- It was decided conclusively on Friday that I will, in fact, be going under the knife to fix my broked back. Mark your calendars for December 6th and pray to the god of yoga and future tennis matches for me. So now I’m arranging to take four weeks off of work that will cruise through the holidays, and I will be an insufferable baby, and I can’t even say “oh at least I’ll get good drugs from it” because I already get good drugs and anything gooder would make me throw up all over myself.

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  1. aaron

     /  October 23, 2007


  2. aaron

     /  October 23, 2007

    also they’re not “random intervals,” they’re “how often I want a fishamajig.”

    which is often.

  3. aaron

     /  October 24, 2007


  4. snowy

     /  October 30, 2007

    ew. am sorry about the whole back disaster. wishing you nothing but healing powers. xxoo

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