She’s Out of Control

After all those years where I did dream about my life turning into an 80s movie starring Tony Danza, why did it have to happen now when I have other priorities?

Actually, my life has turned more into a movie about a girl who doesn’t know how to accept favors and assistance from others because she can’t deal with giving up control. Starring Tony Danza.

My official offer of employment last week came with the most unexpected and pleasant news that the organization plans to pay for a relocation company to haul my worldly possessions from Boston to New Jersey (as common as this might seem to you bussinessfolk, I work in non-profit and this is alien territory). This means I can scrap my plans to rent a truck and pay for loaders and unloaders at each end (because my September move nearly hospitalized me). Not only that, I don’t have to pack a single thing. I just make sure it’s all in one place, in as much disorder as I choose, and they wrap and pack everything.

And this is giving me a stress attack.

Not only am I anxious that they will tamper with my underwear and pack up my roommate’s avocado tree, I now have no powers of decision over the scheduling. My company won’t pay for them to pack or move anything on the weekend (overtime), which had been my solo plan, so they may show up like tomorrow, commandeer all my crap, use the truck for any number of other jobs along the way, and then maybe or maybe not show up in New Jersey sometime around Monday or Thursday of next week.

Now of course, this benefit means that a)I don’t have to pay a dime, b)I don’t have to lift a finger or touch a roll of tape, and c)I can spend more of the week socializing with my Boston friends before I go. I should be completely fucking thrilled. And instead I’m checking my cell phone every three minutes to see if that frigging lady in Jacksonville who’s handling everything has called me because omigod I have no idea how I’m going to get ready for this and what if something goes awry and there’s all this damn snow everywhere and now wait a second you’re saying they’re going to pack everything?

It’s hard, being a spastic twit. Don’t believe the hype.

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  1. o my! i haven’t stopped by for awhile and look at all i missed! congrats, congrats on your new job lil miss!!

    i go to nyc now and again with the bf (who grew up in queens), so we’ll have to meet up! have you found a hip karaoke place yet?

  2. Why not just pre-pack the items that you are worried about? I mean, at the least, you’ll want to pack an overnight bag, right?

  3. JJ- Oh yeah, I’ll pack a few days of stuff and set it aside, it really isn’t a big deal I’m just being a spaz.

    Kat- YES! Definitely let me know when you’ll be in the area!

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