J-pop y’don’t stop

If I’m not going to share my extremely minor achievements with you people, who am I going to share them with? So if you unexpectedly find a crumpled dollar bill in the back pocket of those jeans you’ve been looking for forever, pick up a copy of this magazine in which I discovered this morning that I have a (sort of) cover story. It’s the one about Puffy AmiYumi, with whom I did actually manage to get a real interview, translated and/or completely fabricated by their publicist. So the next time someone asks you if you by chance are internet friends with anyone who’s interviewed cartoon rock stars, you can say yes.

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  1. I couldn’t find anything about your article on that site, but I did find a link to nude photos of Britney Spears. Which was a shame considering I did, in fact, want to read it for the articles.

  2. No, the article isn’t online– they have separate online and print content. But the image of the print magazine on the homepage has the Puffy photo on the front. And actually, you can only buy the magazine in stores in New England (or you can subscribe for only $7/year!). Ahem.

  3. Sure a dollar doesn’t seem like much, until you factor in the COST OF A PLANE TICKET TO BOSTON TO BUY A COPY!! Please post the article here for free, as God intended.

  4. I’d Rather Watch Oprah than to read that idiot magazine .I’d Rather ,than, Perhaps to be here Again

  5. CW- No worries. It’s also sold in Maine and Rhode Island. But seriously, I’ll post the article after the magazine’s been out for a few weeks (per my agreement with the editor), but it will be sub-par because the graphics on the page are dope.

    M- Sorry sweetheart, it’s been real, but I really did have to ban your ass this time.

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