Stupid stupid stupid stupid

I did it again, dudes. I completely forgot that yesterday was the fifth annual National Adjective Day, which I know is important, sacred, or mildly amusing to maybe two or three of you. Eternal praise and thanks to Srah, who has taken up the mantle where I dropped it with careless disgrace.

Anyway, to demonstrate that I am not a complete infidel, I’ve nominated a few choice phrases for the 2007 honorificationism:

gentle breeze
technophobic receptionist
recumbant bicycle
petrified scarab
lilliputian mime
ergonomic workspace
benevolent dictator

As always, your nominations are welcome, as you are all tremendous.

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  1. Here’s how stupid I am: I saw in my “On this day in Year X I blogged this” thing on my sidebar that NAD was coming up so I came over here to find a NAD post to link to, upon which I discovered that I wasn’t subscribed to your RSS feed anymore. I thought you just hadn’t blogged anything in weeks/months and RSS feeds make me too lazy to actually check. So anyway, thank goodness for NAD or I might never have realized.

    I hate recumbent bicycles. They are hard to see when you’re driving.

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