Name, rank, and serial number

So my new employer, being a thorough and upstanding organization, can’t give me an official offer until they’ve talked to three references (in addition to one they already talked to). My boss was kind enough to tell a few half-truths on my behalf (since this several-month home stretch has amounted to much of a “coasting” period), for which she requested payment of a fig bar. Another former employer, who worked with me when I was a fresh young go-getter and not a jaded, lazy bullshit artist, was also happy to oblige. The third person, however, has not returned my messages. While I have no reason to believe she would be unwilling to help out (as she also knew me in the go-getter period), I still need to produce a third willing party to testify re: my rockingness. Any volunteers?

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  1. Nevermind, she got back to me. But I appreciate all of your generous offers.


  2. And also, I installed MTBlacklist, so I’m gonna see if that stops the spam attacks and stop moderating comments, since that’s a PITA.

  3. I’d have volunteered, but given our recent exchange over at my site, you probably don’t want them talking to me.

  4. Hmm. Well, I was only going to do it if I could tell them how, in college, whenever I said I didn’t feel like going to class, you’d magically appear at my shoulder to say “Bag it! Bag it! Bag it bag it bag it!“, so it’s probably for the best.

  5. Umph.

    I wanted to tell her that you saved my life in ‘Nam. :(

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