Turn and face the strain

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday (observed), which we celebrate because he inspired dreams of a new era. And speaking of new eras, it appears I will be passing into one myself in about two weeks. You see, I have been chosen to test a new device developed by a team of paleantologic engineers to engage in pioneering field tests by travelling 248 to 65 million years back and into the mesozoic…

Ok actually, I got a new job. In New York City. Which means that at some point before February 1st, the piles of crap currently all around me need to get themselves into boxes and drive four hours to a new apartment and cancel my cable and forward my mail and find a way to make me much more modern and chic. Only during the day, though, because I have my best apartment leads in Jersey City (which, before you knit your brow, is shockingly convenient to Manhattan, much more so than most parts of Brooklyn).

I am way excited, to be sure, but will spend at least a month in denial that “going” to New York means “leaving” Boston, an idea which is in and of itself terribly unappealing. The good thing, however, is that I made so many bus trips back and forth in the past month, sometimes both in one day, that I no longer feel like it will be a big deal to make a visit north any damn weekend I please. Nor is it a big deal for those in Boston come down. FYI.

So, that’s the news, and there’s probably a lot more I could say about it but there probably isn’t much more you want to know. If you are in or near New York, let me know, and we can plan a date to go stand out in front of the Today Show studio at four in the morning.

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  1. Jules

     /  January 17, 2005

    ok, but if i move you from the “people to visit in boston” list and add you to the “people to visit in New York” you’d better make sure this is a permanent shift, missy.

    oh, and congrats.

  2. Neat!

  3. Wow – that’s very exciting. And probably a bit scary. Good luck! Remember, all New Yorkers are mean and want to steal things from you and possibly kill you. I’ve seen it all on Law and Order.

  4. OK, I suppose you can make up for this horrendous “leaving” thing by taking me to a taping of the Daily Show when I come down to visit you.

    And I want a big pretzel, too. With salt.

  5. let me reiterate my pleasure! hoo-rah. i’ll spare your comments my opinions of jersey city, which are mixed, and send you an unsolicited email now. ;)

  6. Jules- unless I get run out of town in disgrace, it’s permanent for at least a while. I’m not ruling out that first thing though.

    Greg- Thanks!

    CW- Oh I know that, I already got mugged twice and recruited by a pimp on my interview trips. But I figure it just makes me stronger.

    Mom- I’m kidding.

    Nikita- Oh you betcha sister, although I have already tried to get tickets and it looks like we might be in for sometime in 2008. Will you settle for the Tony Danza show? Oh, and call me.

    Kate- I just emailed you back, so I have nothing to say here.

  7. Court

     /  January 20, 2005

    Ooooh, what Nikita said. Me want go Daily Show too. And perhaps we can arrange a field trip to FAO Schwartz too; I have a buddy who’s the stuffed animal wrangler there.

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