Bits and bobs, several of which are inappropriately unrelated

- Ellen Willis’s obituary is here, making me that much more dismayed that I only had the chance to know her for a year.

- Not to downplay yesterday’s very sad events, but for evidence that there is indeed more than one kind of tragedy, I submit the music video from the new Broadway adaptation of High Fidelity. Nick Hornby is now super-officially a whore.

- My pals David and Willa have answered all your questions about Borat in Salon. David and Willa are also a couple, and I challenge you to think of a more relationship-strengthening exercise than co-writing this article.

- Text message just received from Aaron: “My mom just called, butter is on sale, she wants to know if I want any. Yeah.” Aaron’s parents live in Rhode Island. We live in New Jersey. Yeah. My mom once sent me a sunscreen stick that was on sale in California when I lived in Boston, but even that ships better than butter.

- Tomorrow afternoon is the TV pilot taping of Sarah Brown’s “Cringe.” Aaron, Blaise, and many other lovely adults who were once batshit crazy teenagers will be featured, so I highly recommend coming down to Crash Mansion on the Bowery tomorrow at 1pm, or checking back here for airing information.

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  1. The High Fidelity music video officially ruined my day. Hope you’re happy. Too bad they couldn’t get John Cusack to star in the musical version to make the theme of “desecrating things I used to love” more complete. If they ever set Martin Amis’ The Rachel Papers to music, I will have to move to Antarctica.

  2. aw, thanks for the special plug, special lady. hope you liked the show. next time we’ll talk more. and thank you for reintroducing the word “batshit” into my life.

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