Don’t, stop, thinkin’ about tomorrow…

It’s kind of retarded that my generation will forever associate that goofy Fleetwood Mac song with political optimism, but what can you do. That Clinton’s a sorcerer. Anyway, I’m sure I don’t need to go into a discussion of last night’s cautious joy, although I’m sure we can all bust out a few macaca jokes for the announcement a few minutes ago that George Allen just barely douchebagged his way out of office to give the Dems control of both chambers. Oh, and Rumsfeld. HARDIHARHAR! Ok.

Although I was, ironically, supposed to be reading about the fall of the Soviet Union, I instead spent last night feeding return numbers to the news team at Sirius OutQ 106, who were closely following key races and defense-o-marriage referenda across the country. I tapped away at a Google spreadsheet and went through about half a dozen of Sirius’s free breakroom beverages while Aaron and his colleagues whooped it up on air until 1am. FYI, my boyfriend sounds really hot when he does the gay news.

Also also, I wrote this column this month for, so please read it, not for me, but to firm up the crucial intersection of your CD collection and communist sympathies.

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