It would’ve been better with Koppel

**Update: the segment described below will air sometime next week, not tomorrow, but I’m still giving the heads up. Stay tuned.**

On the off chance you stay home on Friday nights to take a few hits of news, tune in to ABC’s Nightline tomorrow at 11:30pm for a segment on last night’s Cringe Reading*, hosted by our very own Sarah Brown (and by “our,” I mean she who belongs to us, the internets). It was raucus as ever, despite the crushing heat and the presence of cameras. It was a 2-hour event that will be squished into 3 and a half minutes, but I think there was just about that much material that didn’t contain curse words or references to masturbation. Aaron played his guitar and sang about a teenage crush with big yabbos, Blaise relived her 14 year-old relationship with a 20 year-old cabbie, and Amy told the beautiful tale of the night she lost it in Death Valley. Finally some real news.

*For the unfamiliar, Cringe is Sarah B.’s monthly event in Brooklyn where hilarious people read from their teenage journals and poetry notebooks. It’s amazing.

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  1. It’s about time I belonged to someone!

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