And all the adjectives should be in English

I am a filthy traitor to our great nation. In my addled, selfish, misguided drive to finish the story I’m working on, I completely overlooked Wednesday’s National Adjective Day. I’m sure you all celebrated on your own, and I’m sure you did our magnificent language proud. If you, too, are a godless jackanapes and neglected the holiday, observance guidelines can be found at the link above, here, and here.

I am hereby declaring this coming Monday, May 8th to be National Adjective Day (Observed), and will pay my respects then. If I remember.

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  1. I came across my Adjective Day post from last year and wondered if it was going to happen again, but then I forgot about it on Wednesday. Yay for (Observed).

  2. heh heh

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