If I could just take a moment…

If you’ll allow, I would like to just take a tiny corner of space-time to call out my own bullshit. It is honest to say that I have a few shadowy deadlines lurking; that I am financially wobbly; that my lower back and a certain right ass muscle have been in mutiny for longer than I would prefer. It is also honest to say that I am a big fat baby and all of these things are either completely fucking trivial or symptoms of a larger reality that is in fact quite positive.

In the past 24 hours, I have learned two pieces of fairly devastating news, one about someone dearly loved, one about someone I know only a little but to whom I am connected via an important social cosmos. They are both very strong people who, I have full faith, will make it through to the other side, but not without a moderate to steep climb through feelings of loss to a degree I have only glimpsed a fraction of, and not in a long time.

Ok, add to my problems that for an aspiring professional writer, that paragraph came from the north side of Toolsville.

Anyway, this is just to say that while it still might not be physically evident to those around me, inside my head I am quitting my damn bitching.

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  1. Thanks, man. I feel OK. Not, you know, great, but it’ll be OK.

    But you should bitch all you want. Sometimes we have to be big people facing big problems, and sometimes we can luxuriate in being small people facing small problems. Everyone has to do some of each. There’s no point in wasting effort being big when big is not called for, because it’ll be called for in life often enough.

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