Heh heh. Meatheaddery.

As the spring semester enters the homestretch, I have been up almost all night (and have therefore had “Up all night” by whoever that’s by in my head) for like three straight nights trying to transcribe incomprehensible interviews and write smart and my head’s gonna fall off (it better take “Up all night” with it). Therefore, I will refer you here, where if you scroll down to the fourth picture on the weblog you can see a close-up shot of my right ear. And the other thing is pretty high-larious too.

p.s. South Park is totally rocking right now.

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  1. It seriously took me about two minutes of staring at “meatheaddery” to figure out what it said. I kept thinking it was some bizarre contraction of meth addiction.

  2. now i have that song in my head, too. it’s KISS.

    up all night.
    sleep all day.

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