America’s rich, buttery pastime

Today is a big day, because the UPS man just delivered my new Montgomery Biscuits baseball cap. This is exciting for two reasons: first, I’ve recently made a commitment to pay more attention to minor league baseball, because it is psychologically impossible for me to assimilate into New York major league fandom– growing up in San Diego was somewhat demoralizing baseball-wise (save the glorious year of 1984), but at least there was that underdog warm-fuzziness. And then once you’ve been a citizen of Red Sox Nation, well, that just comes with its own set of euphoria and baggage that does not at all transfer to supporting either the Yankees or the Mets. Second, although I have no connections whatsoever to Alabama or the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, I just cannot get over my joy at the fact that their minor league mascot is a butter-slathered biscuit.

The minor leagues are overall fairly sweet in the team nickname/mascot department, but the Biscuits win hands-down. The Modesto Nuts are a close-ish second, especially considering that you can choose either Al the Almond OR Wally the Walnut for your paraphernalia. But one look at that googly-eyed biscuit and the case is just closed.

How’s your week goin?

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  1. It’s the butter that makes it.

    Man, now I want to go to KFC and get like a dozen biscuits. Yum.

  2. I was going to make a comment about you pregnant ladies and your cravings, until I realized I was having the exact same desire.

  3. Hee. My original comment was going to be a plea for a Montgomery Biscuit onesie, but then I actually looked at them and they don’t have the biscuit on them at all. What the hell is that about?

    In fairness, I suppose a baby wearing a onesie with a picture of a hot buttery biscuit on it would tread on the dangerous side of the “cute enough to eat”/”actually edible” line.

  4. This one from is better, and may have the biscuit on it, but the picture doesn’t zoom enough to confirm.

  5. I’ve never understood why major league teams sucked so much in the mascot department. I mean, let’s look at the two teams I’ve followed: we’ve got Wally the Green Monster and Mr. Met, for god’s sake. No biscuits, they.

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