Letter to the editor of Spin Magazine that I’m not going to send for self-protective hypocritical reasons

Dear Ms. Michel,

First I would like to say that you are a very pretty lady, and that I would be surprised if your male interns actually manage to do any work. Second I would like to say that if you continue to put alternative-mainstream-so-indie-they’re-indistinguishable bands on the cover of your magazine, I will cancel my subscription and stick a fork in my cheek.

This pattern of Franz Ferdinand/The Strokes/My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy/interview one month/cover story the next month/rinse/repeat is the height of obnoxious. I realize you want and need to sell magazines, but there are more than four bands in the world (and don’t say “we know, there’s also Radiohead”) and you might as well do a feature on frigging Scott Stapp for all the creativity you’ve been showing lately. It is extremely disappointing, given that I have always enjoyed and admired the caliber of writing in Spin over most other comparable publications.

There is a reason that in your Readers’ Choice poll, My Chemical Romance got Best Band AND was runner-up in Worst Band. Your readership is polarized, and you are neglecting and alienating those of us who occasionally listen to musicians with love handles or women who aren’t Meg White. Your cheeky stories about Fitty vs. The Game don’t count. I mean maybe I’m just getting old, after all I am EIGHT WHOLE YEARS out of college and perhaps no longer your target. But your star writer Chuck Klosterman did mention in his book that it is always the spring of 1996 in the Spin offices, so you have to relate on some level. You’re just pandering to the boys with the trucker hats and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

In conclusion, I would just like to add that I am an experienced music journalist covering everything from hip-hop to folk to metal, and should you be interested in writing samples for possible freelance assignments I would be happy to send them.

EV, a former subscriber

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  1. Why wouldn’t you send that letter? CLEARLY someone needs to friggin say SOMETHING!

  2. Well, I know, but despite my boycott, Spin is still on my list for possible internships next year and I don’t want to take any chances. I once inexplicably wrote a very critical letter to the editor of a paper I happened to be simultaneously on assignment for, and then after they ran my piece they never answered any of my queries again. I’m not saying that’s why, but I’m paranoid and a pussy.

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