An entry for the shortest day of the year

Just out of curiosity, how long is too long to spend trying to clasp a necklace with lotiony hands?

Also, J.K. Rowling just finished number 6. Release date theoretically to be announced today. This is the exception I make in my severe distaste for best sellers. I just might do the midnight party at Barnes and Noble this time. Shut up. I know I’ll see you there.

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  1. That just went in my palm pilot.

  2. Sooooo–who do you think the HBP is?

  3. Clearly, I’m not as big a fan as I think I am, but from the context I’ll guess you mean the person what gets whacked in book 6. I think I’ll just go out on a limb and say Percy.

    Unless you mean something else. But I’ll still guess Percy.

  4. My enthusiasm for 6 has been severely diminished by my experience reading 5 (4 was my favorite). However, the Lemony Snicket books (currently on 11 of 13) continue to kick wild ass.

  5. But of course you meant Half Blood Prince, which is the name of the book. I really dunno.

  6. I think it’s Hagrid.
    And ‘ship-wise–Ron/Hermione or Harry/Hermione?

  7. She did say that it was neither Harry nor Voldemort…and while Hagrid would make sense, given the attention that was paid to him at the end of #5, I’m actually thinking Neville.

  8. Greg, 4 was also my favorite by far, and the main reason to love 5 was that it gave more of the story of 4.

    Also, this is illuminating (but not a spoiler):

  9. …And it’s TOTALLY Ron/Hermione, with Harry getting all angsty about it.

  10. I just thought I’d give some moral support to the midnight-waiting phenom; Beau’s been doing that since book 4.

    as for the HBP speculation, maybe it’s a new character. All the other titles have alluded to new characters/objects.

  11. I think it’s Rumsfeld.

  12. Not unless “HBP” stands for “Hoary Bullying Punkass”

  13. Hey, I got your present in the middle of freaking out about holiday stress. It was oh-so-apropos. Thanks!

  14. dude, i totally pre-ordered my book today.

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