Rock the mic, eh

If you’re looking for a reason to get satellite radio, here’s one: it’s one of the only ways, unless you live some place like Buffalo and get the CBC, that you will suddently discover you are listening to a Canadian rap show. Not just a rap show coming from Canada, but a show playing exclusively Canadian rappers, where you will, I shit you not, actually hear the phrases “Winnipeg hip-hop scene” and “Edmonton tuff”.

And as if that weren’t enough, Canadian hip-hop is actually kind of awesome. It’s a little like old school, with some pretty cool samples. Good rap and gay marriage? Vancouver’s looking better every day.

p.s. Not to be obtuse, I do realize that this post is utterly irrelevant and probably a little offensive to Canadian readers, of which I know I have a few. Believe me, I have nothing but respect. One of my best friends is Canadian.

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  1. Yo Mama

     /  February 19, 2006

    Aren’t at least TWO of your best friends Canadian?

  2. I dated a Canadian once for two weeks. He wasn’t a rapper though. Damnit.

  3. Yes Mom, but that didn’t flow as well. That’s the kind of creative liberty we bloggers take for the sake of style. Just like Canadian rappers.

  4. Only two? I’d have thought of your sixty-five thousand best friends, at least thirty or forty would be Canadian.

  5. I’m as Canadian as they come, and no offence taken! I also only recently discovered the CBC’s hip-hop show, and am much more musically blessed because of it. Check out K-OS if you havn’t already. Awesome old school type beats from Toronto. His album ‘Joyful Rebellion’ is just spectacular. I’m trying to single-handedly win him a Juno – he’s amazing.

    (ps, you’re officially Canadian if you know what a Juno is)

  6. Coincidentally, I happened to read an article just this morning about a Toronto vocal group nominated for two Junos, so indeed I suppose I am officially Canadian. Sweet!

  7. Come on up to Vancouver anytime. There’s more than rap here. Oh, and the mountains are fabulous.

  8. Oh I totally know, I’ve been there and it is gor-gee-uss.

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