February of the Penguins

Holy sno-cones Batman, wouldja look at this blizzard. It was like 70 degrees three days ago, and now it’s like total Antarctica, like if I leave my house I might get sucked right in to a pile of snow and never come out. But there’s something weirdly gratifying about getting trapped in your house, so you know whatever.

One bummer, presumably not weather-related, is that an interview I was supposed to have with Canibus got postponed indefinitely, which sucks because I really wanted to see inside the world of someone who tried to pick a fight with Eminem and actually failed. But the label assures me they have other “underground phenomena” in the way of artists that I will be thrilled to write about instead.

By the way, in case you’re wondering where I could possibly have obtained the cred to be chatting with rap moguls (and that one Master P story can only do so much), never fear– I got a notice yesterday from the Jersey City Municipal Court letting me know that there is currently a warrant out for my arrest. See, it’s against the law in Jersey City to leave trash on any visible part of your property if it’s not in a receptacle, and my neighbor put out a cardboard box a few months ago, and somehow my name is in the city records as owning the whole building, so I got a ticket for $106, which a cop said he’d overturn because it really should have gone to the super, but in the meantime their computers say I’ve ignored the ticket so they’ve notified my local precinct to come arrest me.

Check that shit next time you thinka frontin me.

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