Doing my part

Thank you one and all for your gift ideas, they were actually quite inspiring in a number of ways and I have charged enough miles on my MasterCard in the past three days to vacation in New Zealand by Easter. Although I won’t be eating in the mean time.

Just in case you were afraid I didn’t notice, I am aware that I have had very little interesting to say lately (“oh how I hate Christmas shopping, blah blah,” just call me Queen Creative). It’s actually not because there’s nothing interesting going on, in fact quite the opposite, but the interesting stuff is sort of all over the place and not quite ready for prime time, so I’m reduced to topics like how much I hate mornings and the evil woman who refills the basket at the reception desk with Reese’s every morning and how am I supposed to resist that, people?

Anyway, I’m hoping to be able to spice it up by January, but in the mean time, does anyone actually like fruitcake? I mean really, what’s the deal with that.

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  2. Yeah, me too.

  3. Oh lord, don’t make the fruitcake comment around my mom. Y’all just don’t understand. Old southerners really DO like fruitcake, but only Claxton fruitcakes from Claxton, GA.

    …and I know. Correlate that with whatever you will. I’d personally rather eat the inside of a Renuzit, too.

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  5. Sorrrrrrryyyyy….. Waiiiiiiit it’s

    Sorry EV .for inconvenience I think it is ou who laughed at m earased comment one time H-hu–H I can’t laugh but it’s X-mas

  6. Thank You

  7. M

     /  March 29, 2007

    first come, first served.
    If only bpadams is not married i would may have been the happiest person around in the last Years. When was that comment again. i barely remember.

  8. M

     /  March 29, 2007

    first come, first served.If only bpadams is not married i would may have been the happiest person around in the last Years. When was that comment again. I barely remember.

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