The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective People

1) Don’t give a second thought to taking a road trip every weekend, no matter how many things you haven’t even started as a full-time grad student with two jobs. You deserve to blow off some steam, dammit.

2) Spend at least 60-90 minutes each morning making the day’s to-do list.

3) Spend at least 60-90 minutes each morning researching yoga class schedules as part of your determination to start taking better care of yourself, and then never actually go.

4) Make it a top priority to re-construct your Lite-Brite art after the cats barrel into it at full speed, scattering the colored pegs all over the livingroom.

5) Make a vow not to go to bed until you’ve decided on your Halloween costume, even if it takes all day.

6) Those Ham-Hams aren’t going to get themselves back to the clubhouse, you know.

7) Work yourself into moderate anxiety about the fact that you’ve been too busy to update your blog, then spend half an hour writing a perfunctory list post because quantitiy is always better than quality.

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  1. Lite-Brite art?? Do you also have a Stretch Armstrong and “Operation” board game?

  2. Ok, now we totally need to get that.

    “Water on the knee, hundred-dollar fee!”

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