It’s been six years since my last prime number, and oh what years they have been

Thanks to JJ, who asked me in the comments of the last post if I have a birthday coming up, I feel like it’s ok for me to mention that I have a birthday coming up. Not that I’ve ever used an excuse to make that announcement anyway, but I’ll take justification where I can get it.

So anyway, yes, Monday is my 29th birthday, as well as the fabulous Nikita’s 28th, and either today or Tuesday is JJ’s 28th (see, I have almost as good a memory as you do, -ish). Since I no longer live in Boston, we unfortunately can’t have a repeat of the great imbrued son of a motherless brunch we had last year, but since I’m still full from that one I think I can deal. Right now I’m fantasizing with laser-like focus on my impending birthday cake, which, it has been suggested, will have an awful lot to do with chocolate and strawberries.

In addition to the crowning of Nikita and myself, other historic events that ocurred on October 17th include the San Francisco earthquake that interrupted the A’s-Giants 1989 World Series (and, uh, maybe killed some people), the first victory of the Red Sox’s (x’?) 8-game streak to win last year’s Pennant and World Series (which, uh, killed one person), and also the birth of Eminem, which surely had something to do with baseball and/or death.

If you’re worrying about what to get me, please don’t. I just want cash this year.

P.S. IN HONOR OF MY BIRTHDAY I AM PUTTING A FIVE DAY-LONG MORITORIUM ON SPELLING OR GRAMMAR CORRECTIONS LEFT IN MY COMMENTS BOX BY MEMBERS OF MY FAMILY. And in true spoiled brat fashion, I have put at least one particularly egregious offense in this post, not including the Red Sox one. I’m limiting it to five days only because my mom’s birthday is on Friday, and I’m not a hypocrite.

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  1. That quake didn’t end the ’89 World Series – (in which the A’s swept those losers from across the bay, the hapless Giants) – it just postponed it.

    And the Challenger exploded on my dad’s birthday. He totally wins.

  2. (ps – you didn’t say anything about baseball history corrections.)

  3. Oh no worries, I want baseball history corrections, my goodness.

    And it has been corrected.

  4. PK

     /  October 17, 2005

    Most people don’t realize how momentous their 29th birthday really is. It immediately converts “turning 30″ (or “entering one’s fourth decade”) from a vague, distant concept to an undeniable reality, complete with countdown clock. Happy Birthday!

  5. Uh… thanks… maybe I should have put a ban on any comments from my family whatsoever.

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