It sucks to be all full of ennui and shit

Taking a cue from one of the most addictive sites on the internets, here’s what I heard on the bus home from the train station last night:

Trashy teen girl #1: Oh yeah I know, me and Christina shared a cigarette at lunch today and we were talking about her.

Trashy teen girl #2: You know how her boyfriend beat her and stuff? Well she decided to drop the charges.

TTG #1: Really? That shit was really fucked up.

TTG #2: Yeah, remember her eye was all like blluuuh and gross and shit.

TTG #1: Everything’s always so depressing with her. She’s so macabre. But you know, it’s all affectation.


And speaking of addictive websites, I challenge you to stop looking at this.

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  1. CURSE YOU for reminding me that Overheard exists. I was doing so well with my 12-step program!!

  2. You have to admit though, TTG#2′s usage of both “macabre” and “affectation” is pretty impressive.

  3. Yeah I know, that was the paradox of it all. I mean, what?

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