File that under Pulitzer campaign setbacks

I’m taking a required intro reporting class right now, because even people who want to sit on their princess asses and write all thinky need to learn how not to be pussies.

Our first assignment was to cover the Democratic primaries on Tuesday and interview voters at the polls to find out if they really want Bloomberg replaced in November, or if there were other reasons they decided to be part of the whopping 20% of registered voters who turned out in NYC.

I won’t give a detailed account of my experience wandering around East Harlem for four hours, except to say that it involved getting kicked out of a nursing home, following Al Sharpton and an asteroid belt of reporters into a supermarket, and getting a tour of the neighborhood’s controversial real estate sites by the world’s only living 75 year-old black Republican. And afterwards, I did what any hard-nosed reporter would do after an exhausting but fascinating day in the trenches and took the express train straight to 59th St. for the Clinique Bonus at Bloomingdale’s.

I think my story came out pretty well, but I won’t know until I get feedback from my professor. Which won’t happen any time soon, since I accidentally scooped up her folder of all of our papers with the rest of my stuff after class last night and brought it home. Well, almost the rest of my stuff, I left my textbook there, which I only found out because she emailed the class saying someone had left their book at class. She wasn’t terribly surprised to learn who it was.

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  1. This reminds me of the time that I spent an afternoon doing man-on-the-street interviews about advertising at the Cross County Mall in Yonkers. Except that a) I came up with that brilliant idea all by myself, and b) it was not at all cool or funny. Oh, and c) I recently reviewed that raw footage, and THANK GOD I started plucking my eyebrows.

  2. is the class on a bell curve? if so, conveniently “loose” some of the better papers and give yourself a leg-up. also? add some comments on your classmate’s papers. should be all kinds of fun.

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