I’ve got potential. COLLEGE potential.*

This week’s posting infrequency has been brought to you by the fact that I started grad school (again) on Tuesday. What can I say, I’m a glutton for subordination and poverty.

The program I’m in is for writers who want to specialize in cultural criticism, and it’s one of those tightly-knit cohort-based programs where you take all of your classes with the same 14 people for 18 months. I don’t tend to get sick of people very easily, so I think it’s a good thing, except for the fact that I am five to seven years older than about two-thirds of the group. There is only one girl who is my age, and at least five of them just graduated from college in May.

I have a number of thoughts and reactions regarding this fact:
1) I am a very old lady.

2) I am a very immature and ignorant old lady, because all the 22 year-olds seem to be perfectly fine company, and have read lots of things I’ve never heard of.

3) Considering the changes that have occured in myself and my life over the past five years, including getting a first master’s that I no longer care to use, these kids who went straight to grad school thinking they know what they want out of life are in for a rude shock when they have the inevitable shitstorm of self-doubt/self-knowledge that has hit everyone I know at 26 or 27.

4) Maybe everyone I know including myself is confused and unstable, and it took us all way longer to reach the level of emotional maturity that these kids already have.

5) I have a whole first career’s-worth of experience that will be an advantage in navigating the uncertain job market of this industry.

6) I have a whole first career’s-worth of experience but will still end up in an unpaid internship stuffing envelopes and just be a whole lot snarkier about it as well as seven years behind them in paying my dues.

7) The age range doesn’t matter at all, we all have different goals and happen to have reached the place where doing this makes sense, just at different chronological ages.

8) I am not going to be physically capable of going to a bar after every class for much longer.

*I feel the need to remind or inform you all of this movie, from whence this quote was taken.

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  1. i think my quarter life crisis came at 33-present rather than 27. i’m a late bloomer. and i know what you mean about feeling behind the curve yet ahead of the curve. it’s a burrito of emotions.

  2. wow, you’re going to live to 112!!!

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