Conversation overheard on bus to New York between two 18 year-old girls:

Girl 1: I’m like from Worcester, and there is like nothing to do there it is so, like, unfortunate. I mean there’s like bowling, and movies, the mall, eating, hanging around, eating again, I mean totally. Omigod I like went to the stir-fry bar? And it so sucks because there is never any like tofu! I mean like what kind of stir-fry bar doesn’t have tofu? I mean how random?? Oh so like my friend, she like hates her roomate, I feel so bad for her, I swear to god. I mean, like she had bought this box of potatoes? And one day she came home and all she wanted was potatoes? And her roommate had, like, eaten the whole thing. And that was the straw that broke, like… everything.

Girl 2: Yeah, totally.

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  1. Hee hee. I was picturing the one girl showing up at college with nothing but a crate of Russets. Heh heh.

  2. Or is Russet a kind of apple?

  3. Nope, you got it, russet’s a tater.


    oh sorry. i had a flashback there.


  5. Oh my god. I was never, ever that young. Impossible. Never. No.

  6. Court

     /  December 9, 2004

    Yeah, but you know? Worcester is unfortunate.

  7. Speaking of unfortunate

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