Hey. Wassup. So I’m in my first real day of working from home in a quasi-freelancing situation. Never really had a job like that. Gotta write part of this textbook. Lots to do, big deadline. Oh my gosh, my cat looks so cute! All in a ball. Hold on, I have to pee again. Are there any ice cream bars left? Those are good. And relatively low-cal. Hmm, I should put those dishes in the sink. What’s with this hangnail? Ok anyway, so, let’s see here, the first passage: which of these words might be challenging for ESL stu– oo, CNN Breaking News email! What, there were more bombings in London today? Stan, get down from there! Down! Man, I got up to early today. I might have time for a little nap. I wonder what came from Netflix today… oh sweet! I love that one episode, I kinda feel like watching it a little later. Oh gross, need to go clean the catbox.

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