And then 12:20 is when all the snogging started

To address Nikita’s comment, of course I also got the plastic Potter glasses at the midnight book release party, I thought that went without saying. I also made a wand from a Phoenix feather, and straws and pipe cleaners and glitter. And a Wizard Passport.

Just so you know it wasn’t all about Potter, I also bought Howl’s Moving Castle and this book about the Central Park Zoo’s gay penguins, which made me no joke weep in public. I think I read it seven times while I was waiting in line.

Anyway, no one really needs me giving a play-by-play of the nerdfest that carried on for over six hours, except the part where a car full of guys drove past our line outside and shouted “Fuck Harry Potter!!” after which it took the girl behind me less than half a second to respond “FUCK YOU!!!” twice as loud. Other than that, I’ll just give you these pix. And also CRAPPIN’ HECK THAT BOOK WAS AWESOME AND I CAN’T WAIT ANOTHER HOW MANY MORE FARGGING YEARS FOR THE NEXT ONE!!!! Ahem.

Wait, I thought we were here to buy books…

Ouch, my ovaries

mmmm, magic potion! Tastes just like pineapple juice and Pop Rocks…

The JKR simulcast (that’s “simmulcast”) from Scotland

Wandmaking with Ollivander’s bitches. I mean witches*

“So like, you totally made me late for Quidditch practice, and then I was like a total loser in transfiguration and turned Tiffani’s left boob into a nerf ball, so like seriously Jason, like get over it.”

*they were actually lovely young ladies who were suitably way into the wand thing

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  1. snowy

     /  July 19, 2005

    that is just adorable. good clean fun, i tells ya.

  2. the entire harry potter phenomenon was, for me, summed up by cartman yelling an inappropriate gay slur at the HP fans during the LOTR south park episode.

    i do want to know who the HBP is and who dies, tho. i just like knowing secrets.

  3. Bryan, there’s a closed-door meeting going on down the hall right now that might restructure the IA department. Don’t tell.

    EV, my cousin’s daughter asked me to play Madame Trelawney at her Hogwarts-themed birthday party this fall. And Rob’s Snape. Oh yeah.

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