Your weekend Howler

I was going to give you a riveting account of the two (yes two, quiet you) “HP6″ Midnight Madness parties I attended last night so as to go to bed in the wee hours cradling my new gluey copy of The Half Blood Prince, except that well, I’m kinda busy reading right now. So for now I’ll just say that I’ve always refused to wear one of those colored plastic rubber bracelet things, until I got one that said “July 16, 2005″ and a picture of an owl instead of “Livestrong”.

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  1. did you get to the part where they reveal that lord voldemort is actually kenny “the gambler” rogers?

  2. I GOT ONE OF THOSE BRACELETS *AND* BIG PLASTIC HARRY POTTER GLASSES. And a lightning-bolt tattoo that I tried to put on Rob’s forehead when he was sleeping.

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