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Carry a laser down the road that I must travel

Don’t mind me, just testing out today’s sinister theory that website traffic can be increased by titling posts with slightly wrong song lyrics. And for the record, these lyrics would be much better.

When I was a kid, they were called Samoas for the FIRST time

You know you’ve crossed over some invisible border between youth and something else when your whole weekend is fucking MADE by the delivery of a set of recliners. Aaron and I started having recliner lust about two years ago, and finally broke down and put them on the Christmas list as the things we wanted [...]

I’m your little glowing friend

I’m pretty pleased to report that the “short” list of 33 1/3 proposals that are still in the running was posted last night, and my “Flood” proposal is still kicking. There were two other proposals for “Flood” in the original list, and I only know that’s mine because I got a thumbs-up email, but whoever [...]