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Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament

So… heh heh… hi. Pretty much all I’m thinking about besides work is the election, so since you can get your election coverage and snarking pretty much everywhere, I’ll just, uh, share some work. Some of it kind of election related, some of it not at all. Enjoy this story on political comics being released [...]

Officially out of flavors

I recently discovered this card and realized I’d missed most of my chances to give it, since most of my friends of similar age were born earlier in 1976 than I. So today I’m giving it to myself. Later today there will be apple picking, and barnyard animal petting, and delicious food. Also, it was [...]

There’s definitely a new Gaffe Diva in town

We all winced several times on Tuesday after John McCain’s various disrespectful utterances at the town hall debate, and one of those times was when he answered (young, African American) Oliver Clark’s question about the bailout and said “you’d probably never heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac before this crisis.” Well, needless to say, [...]

Whoa, and I mean that Joey Lawrence style

Pardon me while I just drop in here occasionally and link to election-related items… but this blew my mind. David Brooks, hating on Palin and slobbering over Obama. It’s like, totally whoa.