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Financial crisis hits where it hurts most

I feared I was growing numb to outrage, untilthis. (via Heidi)

Do U <3 espionage?

If you enjoy nail-biter spy stories, please allow me to heartily recommend the work of novelist and comic book writer Greg Rucka by way of this article I wrote for Publishers Weekly. I’m going to post a full transcript of the interview on my other site sometime this week, but until then you have time [...]

Because you can never know too much about the Brothers Gibb

This week at work we’ve been celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Billboard Hot 100, also essentially known as the definitive American pop singles chart (when by “definitive” you mean based on radio play and sales–how this corresponds with any given person’s definition of quality is clearly all over the map). It’s been pretty fun [...]

Harsh reality

Note to the scores of people who have come to this blog by searching for strings of text from that Dating Group Team email: It is not legit. Nothing like this is ever, ever legit. If you don’t know how they got your email address, then you know that they are not interested in actually [...]

Sarah Palin rounds down when she tips

While Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle, Sarah Palin washed your whites with her red parka Sarah Palin tried to get on the elevator before you got off Sarah Palin left the copy machine on ‘staple’ Sarah Palin answered your Craig’s List ad and then didn’t show up Sarah Palin said she didn’t care where [...]