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Extra, extra

My hilarious and brilliant friend Lee McGuire, a TV news reporter for KHOU in Houston, has been getting a lot of attention lately for a story he broke on a potential cure for HIV. Drudge linked to it, so it spread like a virus. Wait, that’s not what I meant. Anyway, check it out, and [...]

No more dickin’ around

Alright boys and girls (and Mom), here’s the deal: my limited blogging energy is mostly directed here right now, which I realize has a limited general interest but is easier to focus on and be semi-servicey to a specific audience by virtue of those parameters. I still want Day Old to function, because I suspect [...]

At least they respect me

Yesterday Aaron forwarded me the message below, which had the subject “Correction grammar mistakes Job.” From: Aaron To: Evie Most Ironic Fake “Work From Home” Spam Ever. ——-Original Message——- From: Dating Group Team Subject: Correction grammar mistakes Job. Sent: Jul 09 ’08 16:53 Good Day, We offer a part time job on your computer. Job [...]

Pikachu is having a good time

It’s definitely been long enough since the Borat overkill of 2006 that this is damn hilarious. If you’re wondering where I’ve been, I don’t have a terribly good answer, and if you’re not wondering, well, you have your priorities straight. Actually, I’ve pretty much been preoccupied with work and promoting the podcast and the album, [...]