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Straight-up pimping

I wanted to make a little shout from the mountains that Aaron’s band’s first full-length album, “And,” is finally floating around in the world–he and his collaborator Jim have been working on it for anywhere from 3-15 years, depending on how you count it. The CD was mixed and co-produced by Bryce Goggin, who has [...]

Analysis: you are a fat, slouchy dog

Aaron’s schedule is shifted several hours late this week and next, so he has time to do things in the morning that I don’t have time for, like eat breakfast and exercise. These things are hard to do when you wake up at 8:55. Anyway, he sent me the following email yesterday after I got [...]

Awesomed by the sound of our own voices

Aaron and I have a new podcast, you can get the first episode or subscribe here or get it on iTunes here. If you don’t care about comic books or don’t care to hear anything about them, you might not love it to death, but you should at least play it through the theme song, [...]


In the past hour, my office has exploded in disbelief twice. First R. Kelly was acquitted of his child pornography. Then Tim Russert dropped dead of a heart attack. I won’t get into my feelings re: the fact that the prevailing reaction to the former was “no fucking way,” and to the latter was “who?” [...]

It’s “cute, yellow, and chubby,” not “fat, unfunny, and appealing to the lowest common denominator.”

You know how sometimes you’re just rolling along, accepting the various mythologies of the society you live in, and then suddenly something iconic eats itself alive? I didn’t need to know that CelebriDucks existed. But now that I do, because of a press release announcing this, I just can’t stop looking at them and wondering [...]

All that was missing was Sting and his fucking lute

So, Reunions was just as alternate-universey as expected–the whole weekend is an astonishingly orange display of “spirit,” complete with themes and costumes and an actual fucking parade and almost no irony, but it’s tolerable if you just pretend that everyone is totally kidding. The representative scene for me was when they parked the goddamned out-of-tune [...]