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Ra ra ra sis boom ba

We’re back from a stupendous trip, and tomorrow I will be wading through the not-quite-as-idyllic wilds of central Jersey for my 10th college reunion this weekend. There will be lots of babies. If you’re going too, make sure to hang out under the 10th tent on Saturday at 8ish 10:15 p.m. because I’m filling in [...]

Yo, ho, ho, ho

When I was little and would go to Disneyland, my favorite part of Pirates of the Caribbean was the part where the animatronic men chase the animatronic women around in circles at the whorehouse, and then in the last room there was a big woman chasing around a man. I laughed and laughed. Why I [...]

Sting and his fucking lute, pt. 2

I’m pretty sure I had something to say about my Iron Man wedding reception and/or my encounters this week with Anthony Edwards, Sting and Mayor Bloomberg, but then Aaron sent me this and I forget everything: