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IMP re: National Adjective Day

In order that you may plan accordingly, I’ll be turning the festivities over to Srah this year, as I’ll be indisposed* on Saturday, the traditional date of observance. Enjoy, my frisky biscuits! *Yes that is the actual invite, and we may or may not be going to see “Iron Man” after dinner, by which I [...]


…AHAHAHAHAHAHA Except actually that this encapsulates why everything anywhere that is wrong is wrong.

Vision of Love

Today is National Day of Silence, to protest the bullying and silencing of LGBT youth. Naturally, the Empire State Building will be lit every night this weekend with lavender, pink and white to honor this important event. Wait, what did you say? The Empire State Building will actually be lit lavendar, pink and white every [...]

Help her with a guitar? As if!

Driving back from DC last weekend, we saw this bumper sticker on the back of a truck: Rather than an awkward horse enthusiasts’ slogan, I prefer to think of this as an absurd riff on the nonsense that is our universe. Other examples might include: Forget it for your mother? Ta da! Stir them on [...]

Hola, true believers

What can I say, I was in the right place at the right time this weekend. Except for the idiotically wearing a Flash t-shirt part. And if none of this makes any impression on you, that’s probably ok.

Ice cream koans

So, Saturday morning, I’m lying in bed reading and the doorbell rings. We have a monthly exterminator that comes to our building, and we always pretend we’re not home because of Saturday morning lazies, but since Aaron was up I asked him if he’d grab the door. A minute later, I hear him talking to [...]

Speaking of large mammals…

This blew my mind into several pieces. This elephant is officially smarter than me. I. Whatever. Watch the whole thing if you can–it’s things like this that keep me on the wagon as a vegetarian, I tell you what. (Not that I ever ate elephant, but you know what I mean.)