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They came on by twoosies, twoosies

This is kind of awesomely touching in its ridiculousness: Who’s Bad, the world’s top Michael Jackson tribute band, is delighted with the news their musical inspiration won’t be losing his celebrated home. The group has dubbed its upcoming concerts the “Neverland Victory Tour” to celebrate Jackson managing to avoid foreclosure on his longtime Santa Ynez, [...]


Is it fair to ask Chelsea Clinton about Lewinsky while she’s campaigning for her mother? Fair? Sure, whatever, I don’t know what that really means in this context anymore. Classy? Shit no. But it will probably damage her far less than the nation’s media discussing her awkward appearance at the age of 14. P.S. Please [...]

Electrical elves and banana fairies

I try not to get so lazy that I just post Onion articles, but a)I am that lazy right now; b)This made me laugh my head off, especially after a week and a half of playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl as Princess Peach. I highly recommend clicking through to read the whole thing. Wii Video [...]

Why couldn’t Mozart find his mentor?

I totally had one of those first-grader mornings where the words “meanie” and “no fair” figured prominently into my thought patterns. It started off fine–we actually left fully on time, which is a rare thing. Not only that, but the bus was only a block away when we got out to the stop, so super [...]

I cannot stop biting my lip!

I suppose it’s a better habit than, like, heroin, but this is why my dentist once gave me a stern lecture about how bad it is to dip snuff and I was only setting myself up for cancer, and I’m like I don’t dip snuff, that’s gross, I just sometimes chew my lip subconsciously, and [...]

Press Release of the Week

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I can’t imagine anything beating out this little ditty that landed* in my inbox this morning: Whiskers in the Jar: Irish Songs for Cat Lovers — The Long Awaited Follow Up Album to Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers Has Been Announced Just to tease your undoubtedly mounting fascination, [...]

Breaking News: I am no longer totally full of shit sort of

You know how for like years I’ve been all “blahdeeblah someday I’m gonna start a blog about an actual topic and hurdeehurdeehur and stuff”? Well, smack my ankle and color me fuschia, I went and done did it. I am slightly sorry to taint my theoretical reputation as a person who would not read comic [...]

Obligatory PR postmortem

Ok, so I don’t watch any TV shows these days besides the Daily Show and Colbert Report… or I didn’t until I accidentally stubbed my toe on Project Runway a few months ago and COULD. NOT. STOP. WATCHING. I don’t want to rehash the universal excuse for watching that show, but it does reward genuine [...]

Ability to cook dinner for, throw food at, give chocolate to employees highly desired

Despite Facebook’s global domination, I guess I still naively assumed the whole thing was run by about a dozen college dropouts out of some kind of converted loft space. Apparently, though, they are providing jobs to our economy at nearly the same rate that the site reduces productivity for everyone else. It’s mostly techie stuff, [...]