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beep boop beep

brb, promise…i’m just doing some stuff over here. lol. wtf.

On the radio, whoa oh oh oh…

When we were about six, my friend Annie and I used to play this game where one of us would stand pointing a fake microphone at the other one, who was lying on the ground and lip syncing “On the Radio” by Donna Summer. Either that or “Vacation” by the Go-Gos. But only those two [...]

White Whine in a Box

My friend Lamar is today’s featured kvetch on this site, which has a subtle brilliance that could only flourish in the smugly self-depricating Tumblr era of short attention spans. And speaking of being white and whining, my top two talents, please allow me to be far less congenial and folksy than Dolly Parton in expressing [...]

My initials are U.S.A.

First I just want to comment that my usual little post-voting high was squelched this morning by every douchebag and his brother strutting down Broadway in their Giants’ jerseys like they all played in the damn game. You threw that interception in your high school championships and you’ve never gotten over it, which is fine, [...]

Not to mention Tom Petty

I don’t mean to be all “WOOOOOO!” or anything, but with the Super Bowl in half an hour, I have to say I’m a little jazzed by the idea of a legendarily undefeated Patriots, even if Tom Brady is a babymama-abandoning (beautiful and ultra-talented) douche. We bought fancy tortilla chips and everything. Going to Target [...]