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Things are stupid!

I get a lot of press releases, only a tiny fraction of which I can use. Among those I can’t use, there are a few every so often that I save, for obvious reasons. This morning, I learned that if I have an iPod, and I need to get the battery replaced, there’s a company [...]

A lecture

First I’d just like to note that today is my dream/nightmare playoff game, Chargers vs. Patriots. No matter the outcome, I will be both thrilled and pissed. So here’s to hoping it’s just a great game with lots of silly stunts and commentating I can make fun of for a week (example: “What does San [...]

Ok ok, I’m off it, geez!

I finished (sort of) an enormous assignment last night, so I’m taking a breather from figuring out how to string letters together into words and sentences. It’s all I can do this morning to make sure others are roughly succeeding at that task (I’m an editor, I read other people’s stuff–I’m not just walking around [...]

A LNK 4 U!

Once upon a time I was an active member of the blogging community, a deeply involved reader and linker and commenter and all that goes with being part of this crazy 2.0 business (actually it was probably like 1.5 at that point). Lots of people linked to Boo-blog, and I worked hard to earn readers [...]

This is pretty much my worst nightmare ever imaginable ever

I’m about a month late in commenting on this, but I was preoccupied with hospitalization and stuff at the time. Plus, it’s probably new to you anyway. So ok, Morrissey gave an interview to the UK magazine NME, wherein one of his quotes sounded like he was being racist against immigrants in London. My concerns [...]

I am back at work!

Oh yes. Like a real live person. I have a new year’s resolution to improve the quality and quantity of this site. I won’t fulfill it on either front, but I just want you to know my heart’s in the right place.

I one the sandbox

Happy aught eight! Well hopefully, after I stop barfing. I have a good feeling about this year, if for no other reason than that every year has gradually improved since the hellcircus of 2004, and I see no solid indication that we’re due for a major backtrack. Also, the chances of getting a Democrat in [...]